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Angela obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond in 1994 and graduated from the William and Mary School Of Law in 2000. Originally, Angela practiced in the areas of medical malpractice defense, personal injury, and product and premise liability defense. She later focused on real estate litigation, collections, eviction, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. She has practiced contract dispute litigation, personal injury, traffic disputes,  family law and criminal law for the last eight years. Attorney Angela N. Watson has over twenty-three years of legal career experience. 


Angela N. Watson is a highly skilled criminal defense attorney committed to maximizing the rights of her clients. As a former public defender, she has handled over a hundred criminal law cases, and gained invaluable experience in the criminal justice system. 


Ms. Watson believes in aggressively attacking all aspects of the prosecution’s case, regardless of the charges. Ms. Watson’s case experience includes, but is not limited to,  defending individuals in criminal matters related to driving on a suspended license, domestic violence, assault, false reporting, cruelty to animals, theft, arson, and property crimes.

Angela N. Watson has experience in all facets of family law including custody, visitation, step-parent adoption, and child support. Angela has drafted prenuptial and divorce settlements, obtained restraining orders for victims of domestic violence, and successfully defended clients against baseless claims of domestic violence. Angela is passionate about ensuring you and your family are protected. 

Angela was a guest on the hit show, 90 Day Fiance, where she gave Tarik Myers advice on obtaining a pre-nuptial agreement prior to marriage. Marriage is a huge decision, there are many factors you should consider. Call us today if you need advice, we are happy to help!



We represent clients engaged in a wide variety of contract disputes.  When clients contact us, we meet with them to determine the nature of the dispute and review the contract to advise our clients of the available options. A tough negotiator with a proven record of success who is experienced in all methods of dispute resolution including negotiation, settlement conferences and mediation is your best asset.  


If someone has failed to uphold the terms of an agreement, please contact us so that we may help you resolve your dispute and hold them accountable for failing to honor their legal obligations to you. We also assist with general real estate transaction disputes, title disputes, partition suits, warrants in debt, landlord/tenant disputes, and evictions.

Traffic violations may seem small but sometimes they result in huge problems for any driver. These small infractions may have serious legal ramifications that can range from large fines, increased insurance costs, or the suspension of your license.  Criminal traffic violations can result in jail time and affect your driving record as well as your criminal record with devastating re- percussions. With the Law Office of Angela N. Watson, you will not have to worry about facing the battle alone.



When personal injury issues arise, it can be a challenging time for your and your family. If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another, my firm is on your side. We will diligently fight to seek compensation for you. We have the resources necessary to challenge any opponent, and we will diligently fight to seek compensation for your losses. 


My firm recovered $1.1 Million on behalf of a Plaintiff who was seriously injured in a 2021 tractor-trailer accident.   As the case was resolved on terms of strict confidentiality, no further information can be publicly disclosed. However, please trust that we understand the emotional and physical challenges that develop following a motor vehicle accident, and when extensive injuries, property damage, and even death occur, your case will be handled with the utmost care.

All entrepreneurs need assistance in starting their business and understanding what is the best way to incorporate or become an LLC. There are also federal, state, and local laws that may affect your business. 

Angela is not only a resource at the beginning stages of your business but will be a partner through its entirety. 

Don't leave your legal advise to website attorneys, but contact ANW so we can meet and can individualize the needs of your business. 

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